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Be Kind

“Gaslighting is a form of insidious and covert manipulation where a bully, narcissist, or an abuser targets the victim by making them question their judgements, memory, mind and reality.

Women are told to be kind, are socialised to be kind. Kindness is a virtue.

“Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible. Be a kind and loving person, put others first”

Women are being gaslit by an abusive ideology. An ideology that belittles us, denies our voice, enforces their reality in place of our own. And when we refuse to comply, we are traduced as reactionary bigots who should be ashamed.

They ask us to be kind, but the kindness is only one way. They meet our kindness with predatory glee. The patriarchy has reasserted itself in the western world. The uppity women are back in their place subservient to male wants. And if people cannot make themselves fit the ideologically defined gender roles then maybe they need drugs and surgery for the rest of their lives.

Thus, the ideology has twin advantages; re-establish male supremacy and a big payday for the pharmaceuticals and the surgeons.

Public services fly the latest woke rainbow flag. Big business sensing profits climb on board the gender bus. Fashion designers now have their women’s collections modelled by the male bodies they designed for.

So, we are kind while the ideology screws us over. While the people and organisations that should protect us join in. The professional feminists say ‘no debate’. The politicians dismiss our views as ‘not valid’.

And all the while women are kind because if we are not kind then what does that say about us.

So be kind

While they call rapists ‘she’. And put men and condoms into women’s prisons.

While they re-traumatise rape and sexual abuse survivors, by not allowing them female examiners and counsellors.

While they tell women to ‘reframe their trauma’. And a man is appointed CEO of rape crisis

While they allow men into women’s refuges and support organisations.

While they defund any female-only services that refuse to accept men.

Be kind

While single-sex school toilets are removed and to avoid sharing with boys girls don’t eat or drink all day and self-exclude during menstruation.

While they indoctrinate our children with Queer Theory and invite sexualised drag acts to ‘entertain’ them.

While they ask our children intrusive questions about sex and lifestyle with no care to safeguarding the child or the data

While they tell children if they don’t conform to their sex stereotype, they were born in the wrong body.

While they tell gay and lesbian children who think they aren’t attractive to their desired sex, they can be 'fixed'.

While they tell girls horrified by porn and the female experience, they can escape all that.

They can change sex.

While they sell our children a lie and put them on a lifetime of drugs and surgery.

Be Kind

While males commit 99% of sexual crimes.

While predatory men and men with sexual fetishes gain access to females in their changing rooms, showers and toilets; swimming pools; dormitories; and hospital wards.

While these men provide intimate services to the elderly and disabled.

While these men can join the girl guides and other once female-only organisations.

While women who offer female-only services are pressured to perform these services for men or risk losing their business.

Be kind

While women that speak out are vilified and abused.

While women lose their jobs, their positions and their incomes.

While women are criminalised for telling the truth by a justice system that doesn’t understand the difference between ‘hate’ and self-defence.

Be Kind

While women pay three times over to defend their rights in court, funding both sides. The grassroots organisations defending women and girls; and through taxes our own government and the third sector organisations that intervene against us.

Be kind

While males dominate female sports and take women and girls’ places and medals.

While men identify into a woman’s place in the boardroom and onto all-women shortlists.

While women’s prizes are given to men and men are included in every women’s category.

Be Kind

While Muslim women and women of orthodox religions have fewer and fewer female-only places and services.

While traumatised women refused to access the services they desperately need due to the presence of men.

Be Kind

While women are dehumanised and we lose the words to describe ourselves and our experiences.

While we become vagina havers and menstruators and mother’s become birthing persons.

When official statistics erase women so we can no longer quantify female needs or female oppression.

But most of all be kind because men tell you to.

It’s our role as a woman to centre men, to put the wants of men above our and our daughters' needs, every time. We are the second sex. Our safety, dignity and privacy do not matter.

The trans-identifying females do not inherit the titles or the estates or gain access to the male-only clubs.

And, the trans-identifying males are never asked to be kind.

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