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Solidarity with Women Won't Wheesht - Statement by the ALBA Party

The ALBA Party condemns the attack on a woman at the Women Won't Wheesht Event in Aberdeen. We hope that the perpetrator is swiftly brought to justice. ALBA sends our best wishes to all those involved. Intimidation and the incitement of violence towards women is totally unacceptable.

And, once more we have a peaceful event for the purpose of allowing women to speak about their experiences and rights, disrupted by intimidation and violence. ALBA members who attended the event tell us:

“ We were shocked when one of the organisers had her banner stolen from her. When she went to get it back she was punched twice. She was hit in the face and arm. Also there were signs on display such as “nerf the terf” and taunts of “fascists” and “nazis”. But the women carried on peacefully making their point”

Women's voices will be heard and attacks like these will only strengthen their resolve. It is too often the case that women defending their rights are met with abuse and vitriolic attack. Far too many politicians have remained silent. The time for silence has long since passed. ALBA Party affirms women's rights to freedom of expression and association and to speak on any topic without being met by violence We call for an end to the vilification, othering, and demonisation of all those that stand up for the hard-won rights of women and girls.

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