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You Want It Darker - We Kill the Flame

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

What on earth has just happened there Scotland?

Since June 2016 we have been promised an independence referendum, six and a half years, and multiple mandates later we have been waiting for that promised referendum to be delivered.

And now it isn’t, the independence referendum is no more, Sturgeon and the SNP have shrugged it off and moved on.

We have kept the dream alive living through promise after promise, the most recent promise even had the date of October 19th, 2023 attached. We have swallowed excuse after excuse, Brexit terms, Covid, Ukraine. We’ve marched up hill after hill with the anticipation of an imminent independence referendum, only to be met by a Sturgeon proxy feeding us the latest excuse.

In an action that directly contradicts the repeated claim that the Scottish people are sovereign, we were removed from the European Union against our express democratic will.

Meanwhile, the Sturgeon regime has spent their time as a supplicant to the British begging Tory Prime Minister after Tory Prime Minister for the right of self -determination. And when they weren’t begging they were attempting to ingratiate themselves with the British left-wing establishment trying to ‘Stop Brexit’, instead of actually gaining some advantage for Scotland during May’s chaotic tenure.

Whether by accident or design, Sturgeon has spent the last eight years doing good for the union and harming the independence cause.

She gave the unionists their best lines; ‘illegal referendums’, ‘gaming the system’, the ‘section 30 gold standard’

In 2021 she vilified Alex Salmond and ALBA so the supermajority strategy would fail. If there was a pro-independence supermajority in Holyrood today, pro-independence forces would control the date of the Holyrood election, the franchise, the constituency, and regional boundaries, and the voting system.

Holyrood could pass a bill to the effect that for the purposes of the next Holyrood election, to be held on a date of their choosing, Scotland is a single constituency with a pure PR voting system. Which would be as close as possible to an independence referendum. Sturgeon made sure this avenue was closed.

Sturgeon ensured any other alternatives to her doomed plan were strangled at birth. With Chris McEleny booed off stage at the SNP conference by Sturgeon acolytes for daring to suggest a plan B.

The united Yes movement is divided into good Yessers and Yessers that should be shunned. We have been gaslit with a thousand National front pages – breathing false hope - full of empty rhetoric and vacuous gestures – leaving a light on for Scotland.

The party of independence embraced British foreign policy and assured the British Parliament that they’d be good little parliamentarians and they have been.

In Holyrood despite the exhortations to convince soft Nos, Sturgeon introduces gender ideology a policy these soft Nos absolutely hate. The policy alienates women, many in the Yes movement, and has already ended up in court and it is likely to end in court again. Sturgeon chose to expend her political capital on gender ideology rather than on issues pertinent to independence.

Sturgeon blocked able MPs from switching from Westminster so now she is surrounded by incompetents chosen because she owes them.

Scotland’s riches are funneled south while Sturgeon sells off our renewables to the lowest bidder and fails to set up the promised National Energy company.

The Scottish people face an energy crisis and runaway inflation. In this energy rich country, this winter some of our people will die of cold or hunger.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the divide, the independence cause is proving a nice little earner. SNP politicians are growing rich and complacent and arrogant on the backs of the independence movement, forgetting who put them there. Living off Westminster short money, employing friends and relations, plenty of English gold in the SNP trough.

In referring to the Supreme court Sturgeon delivered Scottish nationhood and self-determination into the hands of the British Establishment. Just as she had delivered Alex Salmond into their hands some years before.

When the British Court tells Scotland that political power rests at Westminster and Scotland is not a Nation, nor does Scotland have the right of self-determination. Sturgeon has nothing.

We see behind the curtain, and we see all those SNP empty promises. Promises they had no power or strategy to deliver.

A million candles burning for the help that never came.

The British Establishment wanted the fire of our aspirations extinguished and Sturgeon killed the flame.

We can’t re-capture those bright, golden days of 2014 when anything was possible and Scotland was a nation that held its future in its hands. About to cast off the dark oppression of British rule and emerge transformed an ancient yet new nation alive with possibilities.

We have to fight the war again, a different war. We have to be far tougher, far more determined. We have to take the fight to the British Establishment. This is not benign, this is not mannerly, this is a fight for the very existence of Scotland and we have to be the force beyond their control.

Don’t give up

Don’t believe any more lies

Join ALBA and we will use everything we have left at our command to save Scotland.

Democracy is coming

And Scotland’s future will be back in Scotland’s hands

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